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Vanessa Boshoff

Vanessa is a television host, wildlife naturalist, and adventure guide. She was most recently the host and creative producer for Animal Planet's SpringWatch USA with Phillipe Cousteau and Caught in the Moment. Vanessa traveled around the globe to capture endangered species and animals in rare, beautiful and time-sensitive moments among incredible, visual landscapes.

Vanessa became a certified naturalist with the National Forest Service in Yellowstone National Park and in 1999, Vanessa won the BBC/Time-Life Natural History Innovation Grant and produced a show shot on location in Borneo and Yellowstone which kick-started her involvement in sustainable travel and filmmaking.

Vanessa has played several roles in independent films, wildlife and reality shows and music videos. She is an avid diver and explorer, and has traveled from the steppes of Mongolia to the depths of the Pacific in a submarine. From tagging hammerhead sharks in Cocos Island to tango school in Buenos Aires, she is ever testing the waters of exploration and travel.  Her family has been in the tourist business her whole life, and she guides exclusive tours between the family’s 2 lodges in Jackson Hole and Costa Rica. In addition, Vanessa travels the world as a freelance travel consultant. While not on screen, Vanessa guides tours in Latin America, Australia, Africa, Europe, Japan, South-east Asia, India and throughout the United States.

Vanessa is finishing her first independent feature film, but still finds time to paint and write. Vanessa lives in Panama but regularly travels to her mountain home in Jackson to ride her pony, breathe fresh air and gain perspective on the fascinating, controversial and ever-adventurous world.