Alexandra’s thought provoking presentation certainly complemented the mission of the Series and captivated our diverse audience of students, faculty, staff, and community members. We are still receiving compliments from those who attended the lecture, the private dinner, and the students who participated in the classroom discussion with her.
— Vistasp M. Karbhari, President, University of Texas Arlington
Alexandra is her own woman, with her own experienced, educated, intelligent and compassionate voice. She’s a fabulous, articulate, smooth speaker. Any project with her will be the better for her involvement because she cares for what she’s doing. Alexandra has visited the seas and lands where humanity comes from, and she understands the many options for the courses we might chart. On a planet where water is destiny, the advantages a connected, compassionate personality like Alexandra brings are inestimable.
— Mike Austin, host, Blue Planet Almanac talk radio
Alexandra is a communicator. She captures audiences through her presence, her passion, and her genuine desire to engage people by offering them hope. Alexandra knows her science and knows how to convey critical issues in compelling, moving ways. She is a gifted storyteller, which makes her presentations real and accessible to any audience. Alexandra is also a listener. Her audiences sense this and feel a direct connection with her as she speaks. We are fortunate Alexandra has chosen to apply her many talents to communicating about protecting our planet.
— National Environmental Education Foundation
Alexandra has the keen intellect, the philosophical depth and scope, and the ethical rudder to mark her as a serious and important leader in the future. Her grandfather, Captain Jacques-Yves Cousteau, could not have dreamed of a granddaughter who would be such a paragon of the virtues he espoused. She is on the clear trajectory of leadership, a virtual star in the making.
— Earth Voice
Alexandra combines her celebrity with an easy intelligence to produce winning strategies for mobilizing awareness of the major development issues of our time. She is very well respected within the environmental and development community for her vision, her presence, and her passion for the issues.
— Counterpart International
By inspiring concern and commitment for the environment in today’s youth, Alexandra is continuing her family’s legacy for future generations; through her work with critical foundations and nonprofit groups, she is making a difference on land and in the oceans. This is what it means to be a Cousteau.
— MarViva
Everything went great with Ms. Cousteau. Really, really great! Thank you so much for helping make this happen.
— UNC Chapel Hill
Ms. Cousteau continues her family’s legacy of educating us about the magnificence and fragility of our environment. Her inspiring first-hand observations are both entertaining and empowering.
— Flagstaff Festival of Science