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“Collective Power” and “Save What They Love” Dominate Leape & Cousteau’s Stance on Conservation and Adventure Travel

Adventure Travel News

Continuing its efforts to promote an adventure tourism industry that puts sustainable development and conservation at the forefront, the ATTA was proud to have two of the world’s great conservation leaders address the 2012 delegation on adventure travel issues.

Alexandra Cousteau, Co-founder of Blue Legacy and granddaughter of Yves-Jacques Cousteau, addressed the topic of using tourism to create engagement with global environmental issues through first-hand exploration and education. While detailing the world’s looming water crisis, and encouraging delegates to consider local water issues from a “ watershed first perspective” she admitted that she had little initial interest in involvement with tourism. Eventually, the continued public interest in joining her organization’s conservation missions brought her to the conclusion that a balance must be struck between conservation and sustainable nature travel. Her case for blending the two came down to witnessing the truth and power in her grandfather’s oft-quoted adage, “People save what they love and love what they know.” Alexandra’s compelling urge to educate and inform travelers towards conservation values reverberated with the Summit’s principal theme of storytelling and its power to effect actionable results...