'Nobility of purpose' will encourage environmental projects

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The final day of The Global Superyacht Forum began with an emotive session by Alexandra Cousteau from Oceana, addressing the environmental concerns that affect the seas which the superyacht market so rely on.

Cousteau presented the audience with an honest portrayal of the consequences of over-fishing, bycatch and pollution, with statistics and a video. So far the superyacht industry has had no large part in the driving force for change, and Cousteau encouraged members in the audience to consider what they could do to help.

"We have learned more about the oceans than ever before," she explained, "but we have also lost more than ever before."

With the slogan "Save the oceans, feed the world", Cousteau explained the intentions of Oceana were to push for policy change, research and ocean recovery and for conservation to continue to be a main global concern.


Although the ocean as an environment can recover quickly, the global population growth will slow recovery. Cousteau expressed her concern that there was only a "small window of time" for something to be done. By touching on various examples around the globe, the reality of the situation settled in and the audience began looking to brainstorm solutions and ways for the industry to be involved.

It was suggested that the industry look inwards to its new technologies, its owners, crew and the builders. It was also agreed that there are many owners who would participate in research and expedition and that the industry just needed quantifiable and tangible evidence to move further with it.

Resounding agreement also pointed to education as key driver for change and, in terms of yachting, a 'nobility of purpose' for an owner and a return for investment could make it a more attractive proposition in going forwards for industry involvement in conservation and environmental issues; with a hope for ambassadors and fewer sporadic environmental groups in the industry, instead coming together as one.

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