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Building on the Cousteau legacy of exploration and “experiential storytelling,” Blue Legacy expeditions generate excitement and understanding around critical water issues and deliver “conversation-shaping” short films, blogs, photography, and interactive elements that allow traditional and online media outlets to more effectively engage audiences and drive productive discussion around the interconnectivity of water issues through the lens of watershed-first thinking. We believe that every citizen of the world can be a water hero committed to shaping daily conversation around critical water issues and effecting change in their community.


As a result of Blue Legacy’s experience in the field and in discussions with experts, we have developed a themed approach to our storytelling and advocacy. Water is a critical component of many distinct parts of our society: energy, climate, food, mining, ecosystems, diplomacy, communities, and industry. By organizing our content into themes, we can better communicate about the urgency of meeting the needs of each stakeholder in a way that also contributes to sustainable management of the system as a whole.


Water is the source of all life, the essential molecule that flows through our veins and those of our planet—rivers, lakes, streams and oceans that make Earth appear like a “blue marble” from space. Everything around us depends on water, from the largest sea creatures to the tiniest single cell organisms. MORE



As communities grow and the global population continues to rise, our energy demands, and utilization of new generation sources, places increased strain on our water systems. From traditional fossil fuels and hydropower, to the cutting-edge developments in biofuels, water is a critical element of increasing generation capacity. MORE



Climate is a function of water. As the climate changes, so does the availability and access to water. Once water-rich areas are now dry, and once perennially frozen regions are melting to reveal new resources. All these developments pose significant threats to fragile ecosystems and levels of biodiversity worldwide. MORE



Whether growing food on land, or harvesting it from the sea, water is a key component of the process. Today, both agriculture and aquaculture have developed in scale and complexity as sophisticated technology has enabled growers to meet ever-rising food demands with higher yields and faster growing plants and animals. MORE



The rise of civilization has been intricately connected to the presence of clean, accessible water. Today, the relationship between communities and water is still evolving, and we continue to innovate to better conserve and manage the water around us. At the center of every community, is a source of water that everyone must share. MORE



While water is often used to draw borders, it is also a vital resource that can bring nations together. Given the increasing need for international solutions to address complex, cross-border water issues, Blue Legacy proposes a new paradigm for viewing the world—a watershed-first approach. MORE



The economy is driven by the production capacity of industry, which has always been dependent on water to prosper. From shipping canals to beverage products, water is both a product and a means for industrial development. Finding innovative ways to more effeciently and safely use water is essential for industry's long-term success.  MORE



Minerals are the fundamental building blocks of modern society. Yet, extracting these essential raw materials from the Earth’s crust can pose significant risks to the surrounding waterhsed. Consequently, it is vital that all stakeholders are given the opportunity to weigh-in on decisions involving mining development.  MORE